Comprehension Reading Strategy


Name of Strategy:Probable Passage


Purpose:†† Probable Passage is used to encourage students to make predictions about the text using their prior knowledge of 8-14 Key words. They then work through the process of finding possible relationships in order to predict what the story is about.


Description of Strategy: (Putting the Strategy to Work)

  1. Go over the Key Words for this story.
  2. Have the students guess where to put each Key Word.
  3. When they are done have the students come up with a statement telling what the story is about.
  4. Have them share their guesses.
  5. Then read through the story.
  6. Go back to your statement, was it right? Was it wrong? Write down what you learned about the story. Answer questions that you posed prior to the reading.



Source:Kylene Beers, When Kids Canít Read, What Teachers Can Do (2003).Portsmouth, NH.Heineman